Philip Shakhnis

Philip Shakhnis

Protecting Your Rights

At McNicholas & McNicholas, Philip Shakhnis represents and protect the rights of:

  • the tenant or homeowner who suffers significant loss or injury from exposure to mold
  • the renter who suffers significant loss from being illegally evicted or locked out from her rent-controlled apartment
  • the condo-owner who discovers structural defects in his complex
  • the child who has been poisoned by lead paint
  • the family member who gets injured from a dangerous condition on the property

Notable Results

  • $985,925
    Mold Exposure/Uninhabitable Home
  • $630,000
    Lead Poisoning/Uninhabitable Apartment
  • $350,000
    Unlawful Eviction
  • $280,000
    Unlawful Eviction
  • $250,000
    Uninhabitable Apartments
  • $230,000
    Uninhabitable Apartments
  • $200,000
    Uninhabitable Apartments